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The EHF600A TRI-DEK 1" filter
The EHF600A Filters offer the solution you need for better efficiency and helps to relieve the increased pressures on your budget.

  • Eliminates Bypass
  • Keeps Coils Clean
  • Saves Energy/More Efficiency
  • Mold/Moisture Resistant
  • Reduced Filter Failure
  • Anti-Microbial Feature
  • 100% Recyclable

The EHF600A offers a unique depth loaded media that allows the filter to expressly manage dirt. Most filters are constructed of media that surface loads reducing their service life and causing high resistance to air flow across the filter after a short period of time. This high resistance can cause dramatic increases in your related energy cost.

Cutaway View of Filter PanelThe EHF600A is composed on different deniers of media allowing for larger particles to be captured on the first layer and smaller particles are filtered as the air passes through the filter media. Depth loading reduces energy cost and allows for a more efficient service life. This efficiency saves you money and critical wear and tear on your equipment.

Why did we choose the EHF600A as our standard replacement filter for 1" models?

Eliminates Bypass
Filter Bypass GapTraditional cardboard framed filters allow dirty, unfiltered air to pass around the filter causing contamination on coils and the HVAC duct as well, allowing contaminates into your home. TRI-DEK offers the advantage of self-sealing to eliminate the bypass of dirty, unfiltered air.

Recent studies have documented the dramatic efficiency loss when bypass gaps are present. These gaps are common when using traditional cardboard framed filters. The system's efficiency is far more important than the results of a filter tested in a controlled lab. Elimination of air bypass results in a higher 'real world' system efficiency. Even a thin film on the coils can have a huge impact on energy consumption, up to a 37% increase! In addition the introduction of contaminants into your HVAC System can cause long term systematic problems that can be very expensive to repair.

Mold/Moisture Resistant
Filter Moisture Damage Our 1 inch filters use no cardboard but rely on an internal wire ring for support. This wire ring is sealed between two layers of synthetic media. This creates a filter resistant to moisture and mold. Cardboard framed filters are vulnerable to moisture/mold, even if they have been treated. If frame remains wet and conditions are correct, mold and other microbials can easily grow being passed on throughout your system.

Ultra- Fresh
Ultra-Fresh FiltersUltra-Fresh is an antimicrobial treatment applied to our filters designed to limit the growth of bacteria, fungi and mold. This feature is extremely important when it comes to the air we breathe and how it is filtered through your home. Health experts around the world agree that allergies caused by dust mites are a serious health problem today. Ultra-Fresh is effective because it attacks the problem at is source. Products treated with Ultra-Fresh make their own contribution to environmental protection. By controlling bacteria, fungi, molds, and mildew it extends the lives of treated items. This antimicrobial treatment that is featured on our filters creates a cleaner, healthier environment for your family. The safety of all antimicrobial products is confirmed by governmental regulation. In the United States, this product is registered with the Environmental Protection Agency.

We also offer the following replacement filters for 4 and 5" models:

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