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When you sign up for our EHF Program, we will ship your filters to you on a monthly, every other month, or quarterly basis depending on your specific needs. These filters will arrive at your doorstep around the 1st or 15th of the month. This will be your immediate "REMINDER" to replace your filters. Remember, "OUT OF SIGHT, OUT OF MIND". How many times have you forgotten to replace your filters, the system shuts down, or stops working efficiently and you have to call your HVAC Repairman out? Three to Five Hundred Dollars later, if lucky, you're up and running again. In most cases, with a regularly maintained system where filters are changed on a scheduled timely basis, costly repairs can be avoided.

EHF is going to remind you to do this, and when to do it, and we are going to ship them to you. You are going to enjoy a cleaner, healthier environment. Your equipment is going to run more efficiently, saving you literally hundreds of dollars on a yearly basis. We are going to send you a more efficient, cost effective filter for your home that represents a tremendous value. Remember with EHF, you and your family can always BREATHE EASY, BREATHE HEALTHY!

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